about us

about us

Suzhou Uprhand  Mechanical And  Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the best Chinese laser equipment manufacturer, is the subsidiary of Taiwan ZhengYing. Taiwan ZhengYing is comprehensive industrial marking equipment manufacturer in Taiwan. production, sales, installation and maintenance services in one of Taiwan-funded enterprises,set up branches and offices after years of development in major cities . And set up  Suzhou Uprhand Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Co., Inc. which is operating the laser class automation products based high-tech enterprises, such as laser engraving machine, laser welding machines, laser cutting machines, laser class automation equipment.

Customer: The development has been successful for many well-known enterprises to solve the difficult identification scheme, is now in major cities across the country set up branches and offices and operations in Asia, Europe and the United States mainland. The company services customers involved in food manufacturing, wire and cable industry, transformer plant, electrical manufacturing, electronics industry, stainless steel pipe industry, the footwear industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The company has been successful through the efforts of South Korea's Samsung, France ARavmond, French AREVA, BLACK & DECKER, KangPing, U.S. Isola Group, EATON, LEXY, ARLON, TRANE and other internationally renowned companies suppliers.

Quality: The company strictly follows the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system development and production of a series of laser equipment with international advanced level of technology. More products have been passed U.S. FDA certification, Security level certification.

Product: High-speed YAG lamp-pumped laser marking machine, high-speed side-pumped YAG laser marking machine, high speed YVO4 end-pumped semiconductor laser marking machine, high-speed fiber laser marking machine, YAG laser engraved line of high-precision, high-speed CO2 laser engraving machine, CO2 laser wire stripping machine, precision YAG laser welding machines, high-speed optical fiber transmission YAG laser welding machines, high-speed YAG laser welding machine vibration environment, precision YAG laser cutting machine, precision YAG laser drilling machines, multifunction YAG laser processing machines, online laser inkjet printer, 532 green laser machine, UV 266 laser machines, ink inkjet printer, ink supplies, special ink supplies. Equipment widely used in aerospace, automotive parts, machinery, instruments, electronic components, medical equipment, hardware tools, sanitary equipment, communication components, optical communication devices, education and scientific research, military products, gifts and other fields.

Research: We adhere to the "market-oriented, technology as the core, to serve for the purpose of" the principle of adhering to the "quality first, service for hand," the purpose, to an internationally renowned supplier of laser devices for components supporting platform, combined laser technology experts and researchers to improve institutions for product guidance, gathered a large number of laser equipment for many years engaged in the development and production of optical, mechanical, electrical, IT high-level talent, with a number of technology experienced technicians and service professionals , unity and cooperation and constant innovation, to provide comprehensive laser application solutions and related equipment for the majority of industrial laser users at home and abroad.

Services: Suzhou Uprhand  pursue the "quality first, reputation first" business purposes, to improve the service system as always, and strive to provide customers the best quality service and security, to create a laser in the world-renowned companies, welcomed the arrival of the friends that we have strength and confidence to provide customers with high quality service and become an expert by your side marking, can give you the best quality, guarantee stable production.

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